Now & Then, Here & There Entire Series

Dragged through a time warp by a strange machine, Shu is thrust into a hellish future as it explodes into war! Surrounded by fierce warriors enslaved innocents, and enigmatic wanderers, Shu faces the ultimate challenge of survival in a world gone mad! This is one of my favorite Anime Series.

Episode 1: A Girl Admiring the Sunset

Episode 2: A Boy and a Mad King

Episode 3: A Feast in the Dark

Episode 4: Discord

Episode 5: Murder

Episode 6: Disappearance in a Sandstorm

Episode 7: Night of Flight

Episode 8: Two Lone Souls

Episode 9: In The Chasm

Episode 10: Prelude To Chaos

Episode 11: Eve of Destruction

Episode 12: This Bloody Earth

Episode 13: Now and Then, Here and There