Ghost Hunt Review

Hello guys. It's been a while. Well you all have been waiting for it and here it is. This is the review for Ghost Hunt!!!!!

Story- When you were little, have you ever wanted to be a part of the Ghostbusters? Well Mai Taniyama got a chance (more or less). She is a freshman in high school who stumbled across Kazuya Shibuya who is investigating an old
school house across from the high school. He has an investigating company called Shibuya Psychic Research.
This company helps people drive out ghost or demons that cause the living grief. To make a long story short
Kazuya and Mai are now partners along with four other specialist to place the ghost in the proper place.

Now its time to meet the characters. Woot!!!!!!!!!

Kazuya "Naru" Shibuya
Naru is just like his name says. Naru is very narcissistic. Although he is a genius when it comes to
investigating ghost. Even though he is very prideful and has a heck of an ego, I fell in love with this
character. You will too once you see him in action.
(*Justin is like Naru, that's why I call him that*)

Mai Taniyama
Mai kind of reminds me of myself. When you first meet her you think that she is just a typical
high school student but there is something that she doesn't know about yet. (No spoilers. Gotcha! ^-^).
Anyway in one instance when Mai finds out about why Shibuya was at her school and finds out more about
his personality she nicknames him Naru, the Narcissist.

Lin Koujo

Lin is the very silent one of the group and is Naru's assistant. Lin had to be on leave for a while after an "accident" that happened to him in the first episode. You'll find out what he really is all about in later episodes.

John Brown
As you can tell by the name, John is not Japanese. He is actually a priest and has a Australian accent. He performs exorcisms and has a good heart.

Ayako Matsuzaki
Ayako is a shrine maiden. She has a very big mouth and seems to act like a stuck up b**** in most of the episodes. Although inside I know she has a soft spot for the group.

Masako Hara

Masako is a famous medium that has powerful senses of the spirits. It also turns out that she has the hots for a certain someone in SPR and she will do anything to make him notice/realize her

Houshou Takigawa ("Monk")
His real name is Houshou Takigawa, but we will call him Monk. He is a monk without the baldness and a far from peaceful approach on some things. But I know all of them will love him as I do.

Music- The music sets such a tone for the whole series. It adds suspense to scenes that will freak you out, or lighten the mood when Naru chastises poor Mai.

Effects/Animation- The animation is awesome. The way that the certain items move in one scene and different in another. It sets the scare factor into an overtime high.

Final Grade on the Anime Scale of Awesomeness- I give this show a A+. Great story line, lovable characters, great animation, sense of humor and a sense of horror, this show has it all. If you haven't seen it or pick up a copy of it, do right away. I promise you, you won't be sorry. Remember Anime Rules !!!!!!