Final Fight Double Impact Review

There comes a time when I feel really nostalgia. I always have a desire to return to the classics. Thank God for Capcom and their constant love for upgrading their classics. Capcom has given us so far Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter 2 HD and now we have Final Fight. You are also getting a game entitled "Magic Sword" with the package. However should you take a trip to the past? Or should the past stay in the past?

Story - The story of Final Fight is straight forward. Mayor's daughters gets kidnapped by thugs, you will have to save her. You can choose to between three characters Cody, Guy and Hagger. Not much story here, but c'mon people it was made in the 90's. In Magic Sword you are after an evil lord who wants to destroy the kingdom with a black orb. No real characterization or plot in this one as well. Hey it's the 90's and it's a beat em up.

Gameplay - The gameplay will make you feel right at home in Final Fight. Only two commands are used in this games. A jump button and an attack button. Combine the two and you'll will be able to a special attack. However be careful with the special attack as it will drain your energy. The challenge in the game has been dumbed down. I remember this game was nearly impossible to beat in the Arcades. However with the use of unlimited lives, this makes the game really easy. No matter how many times you die, you will eventually beat the game due to this feature. This feature applies to Magic Sword as well. In Magic Sword the gameplay control wise is the same. There is a jump button and attack button. Magic Sword takes you to a series of 50 levels as you climb your way up to the castle. What makes Magic Sword gameplay different, is the ability to recruit allies on your quest. You will have to find keys to open doors to prisoners in the castle. These prisoners will aid you with their abilities on your way to the final battle. There is no real complaints I have the with these games. The only cons is that you can't pause online, the unlimited lives takes the challenge level down. I don't know if my PS3 is missing up, but it seems PS3 owners can only play this game logged in. Other than this gameplay is solid. It's easy to find other players for great co-op. I had no lag issues.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics can alternate depending on how you set your games. You can either choose the original sprite graphics, or the new HD look. As much as I love the old school original sprites, the HD look is just too good. The details in more better, more crisps and sharp. I recommend going with the HD look.

Sound - The sound is pure old school arcade style. It has remastered and revamp for this day an age and it sounds great. From the explosions to punch, kicks and level ups, this arcade music and sounds at it's best.

Re-playability/Value - - This game can be played over and over again. Not only this includes concept art, and the horrible episode of Street Fighter, where the characters Final Fight were featured. The inclusion of leaderboards will have coming back to see if you are on top.

Final Grade -
Final Fight Double Impact gets an A-. this is one game that you need to take a trip back too. Great gameplay, a little on the easy side but very enjoyable. Two games for the price of one. You can't go wrong. Pick up Final Fight Double Impact.