DN Angel Review

Hello everyone. This is the review of DN Angel. Ever wondered of having a line of phantom thieves in your family? Just ask Daisuke Niwa. Daisuke has been in a long line of thieves that steal artwork. The reason they steal artwork is to stop it from harming others. Sounds strange right? Well things get weirder. Each boy in the Niwa family is to transform into Dark Mousey, the Legendary Phantom Thief. Its a very interesting story of love, drama, and action.

Meet Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke is a love-stricken, typical, lovable boy. Daisuke is in love with Risa and is able to change into Dark just by looking at her picture. Daisuke is a brilliant artist and is the first in his family to be one. Daisuke is friendly. He wants to give people a helping hand and has great determination. He has a pet named With who can change into Dark's wings.

Meet Risa and Riku

Risa and Riku are twins and their personalities are completely opposite. Risa is very princess like. She's deeply in love with Dark and will do anything to get his love (even if her life depended on it which it had before. No spoilers). Risa's love for Dark however, gets in the way with her life sometimes especially with Riku. Riku is more down to earth. She sees the way her sister acts towards Dark and thinks Risa is way over her head. Riku is very athletic and cares for her family and friends. She' strong and stubborn but she always looks out for her sister.

Meet Dark Mousey

How can I explain Dark. Well Dark's origin is still a mystery. All we know is that he has been around for ages in the Niwa bloodline. Dark is very romantic, sort of a womanizer and is very cocky. His nemesis is named Krad (which is Dark spelled backwards. You'll learn more about Krad and his story later in the series). He is so cute and uses With as his own personal black wings. Dark is also is like Daisuke's inner person and can talk to him. You'll also see how he can make Daisuke turn into him for a while and vice versa.

Story Line- The story line is something I love to see in a story. Mythological settings, magic, drama, and love, it's something everyone in every age would enjoy.

Animation/Graphics- The animation is awesome and I love how they used some 3D graphics to show something completely amazing in the scene. There is a setting where there is a fountain and it overlooks the ocean. It is so beautiful especially in a fav episode of mine.

Music- The music is beautiful in this show. It's very calm and tranquil. In one of my fav episode (I wish I could remember the song) fits with the emotion and sudden change in weather. Also the person who plays Daisuke in Japan sings the opening theme "True Light" and another song in the series. You should really just listen to the music. It sets such a mood.

Voice Actors- They picked awesome people to dub this show. One of my favorite voice actors of all time, Vic Mignogna, plays Dark Mousey and is awesome! I can't stress enough how talented Vic really is. All the other voice actors did an amazing job with bringing out the essences of the characters. I really enjoy it.

Overall Grade- I give this show an A. Like I said I love stories like this and I hope I can find more anime that will stand out like this one. Well until next time, Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!