Apollo's Song Review

Is it better to have loved than lost than to never had loved at all? This question is raised in Apollo's Song by Osamu Tezuka. Osamu Tezuka is known as The Godfather of Anime, with a classic under his belt such as Astro Boy. This book grabbed me when I entered Barnes & Nobles. Is this book worth the purchase or the only song you will hear is horror?

Story -
Shogo Chikaishi is one unfortunate soul. His life experiences have made him incapable of love. In fact Shogo goes into a state of rage when he see's any forms of love. When Shogo walks pass a happy lovely couple of Birds, he is in rage of their affection and kills them. This action lands him into Psychiatric Care, where Shogo will undergo Electroshock Therapy. The therapy was design for Shogo to come face to face with his misdeeds, instead it lands him in court of a Goddess. The Goddess then punishes Shogo for his deeds. He will love the same woman over and over for eternity. There is a catch, at some point Shogo will watch the love his life die. He will learn the lesson of love and lost over and over again.

I really love this story it's well written and has great pacing. There are so many questions that Osamu Tezuka raises. Can someone incapable of love learn to love? Will you still be there for your lover if they woke up unattractive? How deep will your love take you? Will you die for the person you love? I really love the human issues Osamu Tezuka showed in this Manga. He shows us through Shogo life, that experiences and our upbringing play a major role on the person we will become. For instance I will give a slight spoiler. Shogo's mother is a whore. Anytime Shogo would want his mother affection he would be abused. Anytime he looked for love he was stabbed by it. It's only natural from that experience he would despise any forms of love. This manga explores the most desire emotion in human existence, and by the final chapter it will leave you thinking.

Art The art work is classic Osamu Tezuka style. It reminded me a lot of Astroy Boy. The Manga version I have is an updated one. The pictures are remastered and more clear to see. The pictures and each emotion comes to life.

Final Grade - Apollo's Story gets an A+. I couldn't stop reading it. Great theme, great characters and it really makes you think. This Manga is for older audiences 18 and up due to sexual scenes and nudity. Don't let that stop you it's a great read and should be in your library.