Theme Song Remixes (Part 1)

I was searching on Youtube today. I came across these great remixes of some our favorite themes. Some of the remixes are Hip Hop and the others are Rock. This is just part one of this great series. A big shout out to all the Youtubers who did a fantastic job on remixing our favorite themes. All these were enjoyable to hear. My favorite ones are the Final Fantasy X Hymm Remix, G Gundam Intro, Superman & Power Rangers. Musicians need to put lyrics to this stuff, so I can throw a Nerd Party lol. Enjoy my fellow Nerds & Otakus and try not to have a Nerdgasm lol.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 80's Theme

Superman Theme

Final Fantasy XIII Lighting Theme

Final Fantasy VIII Liberi Fatali

Star Wars Episode Duel Of Fates Remix

Why So Serious From The Dark Knight (Joker Theme)

Hyrule Temple Theme

Passion Theme Song From Kingdom Hearts 2

Power Rangers Theme

Final Fantasy X Hymm Of Faith

G Gundam Theme