School Days (Manga Review)

What happens when you mix two lovely girls and a boy? You get a love triangle that is destined to be filled with heartbreak, difficult choices and tears. The story revolves around a love triangle between the male protagonist, Makoto, and two girls in his year, Kotonoha and Sekai. Makoto develops an interest in Kotonoha, and although they both take the same train to school, she seems to be unaware of his existence. One of his classmates, Sekai, gets the two together despite holding strong feelings towards Makoto.

This Manga starts off sweet and lighthearted. However as the story progresses it gets dark really quickly. It has a very shocking ending, in which I will not spoil for you. What I really love about "School Days" is the characters. Makoto starts out as a innocent shy kid, but later on he turns out to be a typical male who plays with two girls emotions. All the characters are dynamic characters. Each one of these people go through a great change. As I was reading this I didn't know who I wanted to side with. I didn't know which girl I wanted to support more. Sekai loved Makoto from the beginning but can be viewed as a homewrecker. Kotonoha to me was the innocent one in all of this, but the ending will have you saying wow. The art is very great as you can see below. Each panel contains an emotional facial expression. There is an issue I didn't like. I felt that the story was rushed towards the ending. The build up was too fast to me. What happens to Kotonoha could have been explored a little more. Other than that "School Days" is a wonderful Manga. It will keep you reading towards the ending.

Final Grade - B+