Our Favorite Anime Deaths.

Vegeta's Final Atonement\

Justin - What I love about this death compare to his death with Freeza, Vegeta finally accepts himself. He comes to terms of who he is and that Goku is the stronger fighter. He found reasons for his living. This is why I like Vegeta better than Goku. Vegeta is a dynamic character and we see him grow as a person. This is also my favorite moment in DBZ.

Genkai's Death

Justin - If Genkai didn't die Yusuke wouldn't fully awaken the power she gave him. Her death was necessary, her death also changed and matured Yuske. He went through a change as well, because up this point Yuske hasn't lost anybody.

Setsuko's Death

Justin - The saddest death and ending to an Anime period. You owe it to yourself to watch "Grave Of The Fireflies."

Spike's Death

Justin - Spike always knew that he wouldn't live a long life. At least he went out with a bang.

Lucy's Dog

Justin - Great death scene this is what makes Lucy who see is in Elfen Lied.