Goofy Movie AMV's and other Disney AMVs

One of the greatest Disney movies of all time: The Goofy Movie. Here are some AMV's
of this great movie and other Disney vids. Enjoy!!!!

Amazing Shot-for-Shot Remake Goofy Movie - After Today Live (Ted Sowards)

Axel and Vexen on the Open Road

Ouran Host Club AMV -Poor Unfortunate Souls

Siamese Twins

I'll Make a man out of you - Organization XIII -

Roxas Is Not One Of Organization XIII

Tribute to Roxas - "I'm Still Here"

This one AMV song is from the Disney movie Treasure Planet

Kingdom Hearts - Goof Troop Theme Song

Kingdom Hearts - Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Theme Song

Kingdom Hearts - Ducktales Theme Song

Bonkers Theme Song

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)

Tale Spin

The Princess and the Frog - Dig A Little Deeper (Full Version)