Soul Eater Review

Yahoo! Hello everyone. Welcome to my second review. This review is on the show Soul Eater.

From the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop, I present the new greatest hit, Soul Eater. Join three meisters and their weapons on a journey to become the greatest weapon of all; a Death Scythe. 51 episodes of drama, action, and comedy, this is a show everyone will be talking about forever.
Let's meet the meisters and weapons shall we?

Meet Meister Maka Albarn and Soul

Maka Albarn and Soul are partners in keeping
evil at bay by catching their souls. You see Maka's goal is to make Soul Death's ultimate weapon, a Death Scythe. In order for soul to become one, they must catch 99 souls and one witch soul. However if they make any mistake in catching the witch's soul, all of the other souls will be confiscated and they have to start all over. Maka is a very determined girl. Vigilant in seeing other peoples souls and the
power of purifying (Anti- Magic Wavelength), she is one talented meister. Maka is a book worm and a little short tempered. Her father is the first Death Scythe of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) in which all meisters and weapons go to. Soul is very opposite of Maka. Soul is very calm in the face of danger. He has a nonchalant attitude about life and wants to be the coolest guy around. Together the make an awesome team.

Meet Shimigami Death the Kid and Twins Liz and Patty

Death the Kid is a very "unique" character. Death the Kid has an OCD for symmetry. Sometimes though, his obsessiveness with symmetry gets in the way of important missions and his other priorities. However looking past that flaw, Kid is a genius. He is the son of none other than Death himself. Kid is very confident and awesome in battle especially with his move the Death Cannon. Liz and Patty are his twin guns and are biological twins. Liz is the oldest and is the person who is the voice of the trio especially when Kid acts up or Patty (which is quite often). Patty is the fun-loving younger sister of Liz. She's the comic relief in a way. (No spoilers. You'll see for yourself). Death the Kid is one of my fav characters in this amazing show and my fav team.

Meet the Assassin BlackStar and Tsubaki

If you think that Death the Kid was a complex
character, wait until you see BlackStar. BlackStar
belongs in a family of assassins however, he is not
a very good one himself. He's very selfish and
headstrong. He wants to "transcend God someday"
but that's possible. He keeps messing up missions and
as a result never came close to make Tsubaki
into a Death Scythe. The only person that can bring
BlackStar back to earth is is ninja weapon Tsubaki.
Tsubaki is a very honest, a loyal partner and friend.
She is like a mother to BlackStar. She always correcting
him and making sure he doesn't botch things up,
especially when his big ego gets in the way (which is all
the time).

Storyline Ranking On The Anime Awesome Scale- This is one of the best anime shows
I have ever seen! The storyline keeps you on the edge of your seats and wanting more.
So many twists and best of all no fillers! (You may have noticed I said that
in my last review. I've been saying this because I have been watching too
much Bleach and as some of you know, there are a lot of fillers in that show

Characters' Ranking On the Anime Awesome Scale- The characters unique "personas"
(Persona 3 and 4 reference) and the way they express their kick butt attitude, clearly makes this
show different from any other. There is noting more I can say except its epic!!!

Final Overall Rating on the Anime Awesome Scale- The final grade for this epic anime is
an A++. Stay tuned for the review of Persona 3 and 4. Anime Rules!!!!!
P.S Funimation has this show on their site too.