Densha Otoko (Train Man) Movie Review

Based on a true story Densha Otoko tells the story of a Otaku (Japanese term for geek), who rescues a damsel in distress and falls for her. Now before you start saying this is your typical geek gets pretty girl story, let me reassure you that THIS IS NOT! What separates Densha Otoko from others geek get girl movies, is that Densha Otoko doesn't have a bully as an adversity. The girl isn't some chick who needs the nice guy to save the day. In this movie the adversity is the main character himself Train Man. Train Man has to overcome his own lack of self confidence. He has to find the love in himself in order to get to girl. He does this by going to his local message board and getting help from his fellow website friends. I don't want to spoil anything but if your a geek this story is a must see. It's very touching an encouraging for geeks who lack confidence.

Acting & Direction
The movie stars Takayuki Yamada and Miki Nakatani who play Train Man and Hermes. Hermes is the girl who gets saved on the train. I found the acting to be brilliant. Takayuki plays Train Man and he surely delivers in his performance. The way he shows his insecurity carries the movies and it will get to the point, where you will start cursing at the screen (I know I did). Miki plays Hermes wonderful and while watching it you cheer for her being able to withstand such an insecure guy. Just watch the scene where Train Man acts like a coward and look at her facial expressions. This film is Directed by Shosuke Murakami. Murakami really captures Tokyo Japan from the Otaku's eyes. You will see local videogame and anime spots. Hear the latest J-Pop music (at the time) It's a pure sight to see.


I LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK! It uses some of my favorite instruments, the piano, flute, violin and more. The main theme is just pure delight to hear for your ears. If you manage to find the soundtrack I suggest you give it a listen. It really captures the emotion of Train Man and Hermes, that is all you need from a soundtrack.

Final Grade - I give Densha Otoko is an A+ this is a fun, light hearted but serious on the theme at the same time.

Here is the Trailer