Cosplay Ideas!

Credit to I have become a big fan of Cosplay and I'm amazed at how detail some of the characters are. Well I think this Halloween I'm finally going to take the full step into nerd hood. I finally join the ranks of Cosplay. Here are some of my ideas of what should be my first Cosplay. Remember all these great Cosplay outfits can be brought at

Justin's Six Choices

The Joker

Justin - Everyone always tells me I make a great Joker. But a heavy price of $350 bucks, if I'm going to be the Joker for night. Then I will need to invest mind, body and soul into being the Joker. Who know's if I have extra cash I might just buy it.

Organization XIII

Justin - Get a group of my friends and we will walk the streets at night as Organization XIII. This is a great idea and only $125.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari Plugsuit

Justin - As a huge fan of Neon Genesis this suit is the bomb, I wouldn't mind wearing this. At the price of $260 this would be something to wear at the next Anime Convention.

Ouran High School Host Club Boy Uniform

Justin - Hey why spend so much for only $115 bucks I can go as a member of Ouran High School Club. I think Prince and Anime Angel would like this choice very much.

Air Gear Itsuki "Ikki" Minami

Justin - For $115 I can KILL EM DEAD! Lol I love Air Gear and represent the team would be another great edition. I didn't see anyone as Ikki at the Convention.

Watchmen Rorschach

Justin - This is another guy I can pull off acting wise. I do a great Rorschach voice, since it's similar to Christian's Bale Batman Voice. It's only $126 I can see myself as Rorschach plus nobody would know it's me.

Ladies Will Have To Match

Harley Quinn

Justin - If I'm going as the Joker I would need my Harley Quinn to be my side lol. Only $124.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Namine

Justin - If I'm Organization XIII which would mean Roxas then you will have to be Namine lol. $135

Asuka Plug Suit

Justin - I will be Shingi and you'll be my Asuka lol. Asuka plugsuit it's red and only $260.

Ouran High School Host Club Renge Houshakuji

Justin - If I'm wearing the Ouran High School Uniform, then my lady friend will have to be Renge only $122.

Air Gear Ringo

Justin - If I'm wearing the team of Air Gear as Ikki, you will have to be Ringo only $123.

Watchmen Silk Spectre II

Justin - Ladies lets go as the Watchmen team I'm Rorschach and you will be Silk Spectre II lol. Only $129

Cosplay Magic For More Cosplay