Best Wrestling Games Of All Time

Here is some of our picks for the best wrestling games of all time.

Royal Rumble (Sega)

Royal Rumble was the first videogame ever to feature 6 wrestlers at a time. With an impressive roster. Great gameplay and you can even go for the Tag Team titles and WWF Belt.


We spent hours in arcades losing our precious quarters to play this great wrestling game. This is the greatest wrestling arcade game of all time to us. With a never before seen Tag Team Steel Cage and another impressive Royal Rumble.

WCW/NWO Revenge

THE BEST WCW GAME EVER! This used the same engine as which we would later see in No Mercy. Amazing Roster, Amazing Gameplay. Just press play and see for yourself.

WWF No Mercy

Probably the greatest wrestling game of all time. Ladder Matches, Full Entrances, Wonderful Story Mode, Great Gameplay. What more could you ask for. To not have No Mercy on the list is a crime.

WWF Smackkdown Here Comes The Pain

Best Smackdown period.

WWE Day Of Reckoning 2

A lift meter, great CAW's customization, stamina meter. Wonderful entrances, dating Stacy Keibler in story mode. What more do you want?