ESL ONE NYC 2019 Recap

By Justin D Williams

Otakus & Geeks attended the Esports event ESL One: CS Go NYC tournament. There was plenty of things to do at Barclay’s Center. Our day started off with a relaxing time in the Playstation PS+ Lounge. This is a really cool lounge that you can only go into if you’re a PS+ member. The staff took some time to play with other guest attending the event in some pretty cool battles in Dragonball FighterZ, Fortnite and Soul Caliber 6. After a few games, we headed to the arena to see the first match of the semi-finals. On day one there was a doubleheader for the semi-finals. The first match was between Team Liquid vs Astralis. In map 1 Vertigo was the site for the battle. Astralis took the first map with a 16 to 9 win with gla1ve leading the charge with 30 kills. In map 2 DUST II was the site of the battle as Team Liquid manage to pull out a strong performance with a 16 to 9 victory. Twistzz was the standout with 24 kills. The final map Overpass was a close game but Astralis came out on top with a 16 to 13 win advancing to the finals.

The second match was G2 Esports vs Evil Geniuses. Evil Geniuses swept G2 Esports with a 2-0 win. In map 1 DUST II the Evil Geniuses took the lead with a score of 16 to 8. CeRQ was the one with the most kills with 24. In map 2 Nuke the domination continues with the Evil Geniuses took the win with a 16 to 7 win advancing to the finals. The finals was a best of five series. In map 1 Inferno the Evil Geniuses were relentless with an impressive 16 to 3 win. In map 2 DUST II Astralis didn’t get the win but showed a better showing with Magisk rounding up 22 kills. Map 3 Train Astralis found their footing with a very close win 22 to 20 to keep their game alive. Map 4 Nuke we saw Evil Geniuses make a comeback to win the tournament with a commanding 16 to 8. Check out the pictures below.