Shoot Smoother Videos with this Astronaut Designed Flightstick - FTAviator @Pepcom 2019

Directed & produced by Young Jeohn

An aerial maneuver that takes weeks of training to master can be done in a matter of minutes? At least according to the former astronaut who designed this intuitive flightstick. The FTAviator replaces traditional dual thumbstick controllers with a one handed stick, leaving you the other hand to control other things like camera tilt.

It’s not cheap - in fact, it’s a serious piece of kit for the serious drone pilot who needs precise control of his drone. It’s probably a great tool for anybody needing to capture smooth aerial video, which normally isn’t very easy (filmmakers, high end location weddings, high end real estate comes to mind.)

More info:

Pepcom Digital Experience Event (06/19)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City