Elenco's Teach Tech Line @Toy Fair 2019

Shot and Produced by Young Jeohn

Elenco, the makers of Snap Circuits now have Teach Tech, a line of toys that helps kids learn by learn by building their own robots. In the above video, they show us two such projects - one that integrates software programming via an app and another that takes a mechanical programming approach to let you see how your instructions are being carried out (no computer or tablet required.)

Tobbie II

It's almost like building a model kit except you can make him move and follow commands. You can also type messages to display on his face!

Elenco showed us something altogether different last year. For a re-cap, check out their products from Toyfair 2018.


This mechanical wonder robot is controlled by orange "instruction bits". It's really cool to be able to see what your instructions are making him do. It's almost like watching a moving car (that's made of glass) - you can see the different parts do their thing as the car turns left & right and the shocks hit bumps on the road. Mech5 is great for those who are more visually stimulated.

More info: https://www.elenco.com

Toy Fair Event (02/19)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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