Soul Calibur VI First Impressions - ESL One NY 2018

At ESL One NY 2018, we had the pleasure of demoing a number of PS4 games including the newest edition of Legendary 3D fighting game series in ‘Soul Calibur VI’.

The game left a really good impression on me. The animations and combat were very fluid and made the neutral feel really responsive and fun to play. Experimenting with juggles and punishes on the fly is always fun for a fighting game player in the age of training mode and lab sessions.

The only question I had is..”why are throws pink?” Is it for accessibility? Can’t really tell. Throws being easy to tech in a game with a ring out system makes it feel un-challenging and with more and more fighters leaning towards making the games “more accessible” this doesn’t necessarily surprise me as much as it makes me roll my eyes.

Overall, the game play and stellar graphics are going to keep me playing.