‘Ultra Age’ Release Announcement & Image

Posted by Justin D Williams

Ultra Age_Official_Key_Visual.jpg

Intragames(Sang Chan, Bae CEO) have co-operated with Next Stage(Hyun Woo, Kang
CEO) and Visual Dart(Jae-Yoon, Lee CEO) to announce the PlayStation®4 version of the
high speed action Rogue like “Ultra- age” to officially release worldwide.

The indie game developer Next Stage have developed with the unreal engine “Ultra -Age”,
a game with high quality visual and outstanding action that was first given attention by the
Korean Media. The game is being prepared by the Korean developer and publisher for the
worldwide release meaning it will include Korean and other multiple languages within the
It has been shown to some of the users through events such as PS Arena in Korea, and
for the first time, it reaches the world through the Tokyo-Game Show 2018 on Hall 3 C15,
general exhibition sector with its character designs, stages, effects and other various latest
contents available to be played for the players who visit the site. The players who visit the
booth will be given with small gifts and also will be given with limited edition gifts if they apply
to the survey.

“Ultra-age” is a game with incredible combo action and its very own swords have its
unique features that gives variance to the patterns when confronting the enemy while the
adventure exploring different atmosphere awaits you. The rogue-like feature will also give an
intensive gameplay.