Weird Japanese Commercials and Papercraft Models (Otakon 2018)

Written by Young Jeohn


Weird Japanese commercials. The title alone pretty much guarantees the longest line you'll ever wait on. It's a case of getting there super early and grabbing an open seat - before a staff person blocks the door with the dreaded sign that says "Room is closed because it is full". Doh.

For those of you who've never watched Japanese television, their commercials are some of the whackiest, "out there" things ever made. It's great entertainment that'll make you laugh your butt off and while at the same time, have you shaking your head in disbelief. 

Sorry... room's full!

Sorry... room's full!

There was a huge range of them from creepy food commercials with spinning dolls (that may or may not give you nightmares) to what seemed like soap operas that actually tied into selling candy in the final 5 seconds. Even public service announcements (for not blocking a subway doors with your bicycle) was made like a 30 second episode of Power Rangers. And of course you didn't want to be "that guy" or rather, "that monster".

It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch - and we promise you, it's like nothing you'll ever see on American tv. 


Otakon isn't just for visual enjoyment; there's also crafts and things you can create with your hands. "Papercraft" is one such workshop where all you need to do is cut out a model that's already been designed for you. You simply glue it together once you make the cuts, and the end result is astonishing. But it's not surprising, considering they were designed as a 3D model on a computer.

There is a problem though. Once you've tried your hand at it, it may become a source of so much fun that you'll eschew buying manufactured models in favor of making your own. Maybe you'll even go so far as to design your own and become a master model maker. Just think of it, people all over the world may soon be building the models you design!

In the end, there's a sense of accomplishment knowing that you crafted a model with your own hands.

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