Interview with Todd Haberkorn, Voice Actor (Otakon 2018)

Todd Haberkorn  (photo by Young Jeohn)

Todd Haberkorn (photo by Young Jeohn)

Interview by Young Jeohn with Justin DW

For the full interview, please have a listen to the audio interview above. The main excerpt of the interview are below (but you'll miss out on the voice acting!)

So tell about yourself, I understand you're a voice actor?

Voice actor, yeah. I've been acting since I was a little kid, started in stage then went to film and television and VO (Voice Over) was the last aspect of it. [VO's] been something I've done, probably at this point the longest, so let's hope I keep doing it for another... 50 years?

Now how did you get from acting to VO?

For me, it was something that came along as an audition from an agent. I went in and, they didn't hate it (my audition), and it went on from there. It was something I didn't even think about until it came across my table.

I know acting and VO is different - how do you find it different, which do you actually prefer?

They all have their different modes of thought. With stage, you get to have a script that you work on for six weeks and you develop a character and you hone it through the live performance.

Film is more of a director's medium; it really isn't (in my opinion) about the actor. You're just bringing the director's vision to life. That's it. So basically you have to do all your own homework and hone it when you get in front of the director, but really they're worrying about lighting, sound and camera angles. 

With VO, the script is in front of us and it's very improv based, I feel like. It's balancing all that and trying to give a good performance.

Most people know you as a Star Trek fan and were in a fan created series with Vic Mignogna. Is there any other show, book or game you'd like to adapt and act in?

There were talks of a couple of other things afterwards that we just haven't had time to develop. If there were another series to create in terms of fandom, I'd love to do anything from the comic book world, a Batman or Superman... any of those. The kid in me loves those aspects of things - Star Wars, the motion picture era of Star Trek, there are so many things to do.

It sounds like you like the unknown, like science fiction and that kind of area of new things.

I've always kind of been a sci-fi guy, and to be a part of Star Trek was a lot of fun.

What do you like better: directing or acting?

Oh, acting! I like directing as well, but with directing, it works a different part of the brain. You're more of a sculptor with directing. It's just a different feel - you're sitting at a different part of the car. I like them both, but acting, yeah.

What is your go-to voice when you're warming up before voice acting?

My method of warming up is just using the vocal chords and waking them up through just use. I stick with that, because a lot of the auditions and jobs that I would do fall within a certain range of my voice. So I know where the range of my voice needs to be for the day, so I can really hone in on what type of vocal prep I need to do. 

What would some characters say about your experience at Otakon, like Kekero from Sgt Frog and Watanuki from XXXholic?

Kero would probably say... [voice acting at 6:25]

and then Watanuki would just be running around and freaking out about how many ghosts he's seeing and how they won't leave him alone.

If you could have any three people - dead or alive, real or fiction - to help celebrate your birthday, who would it be and why?

Man... (in thought)

Well... I'd love Dave Matthews to be there because that was the last concert I saw and I really like his musicianship.

I'd love Al Pacino to be there because he was an inspiration for me growing up - EARLY Al Pacino, not this business he's been doing the past ten years. 

And then I'd want Batman there, so that I could possibly let him know like "Hey, listen. If you need a sidekick, I'm available and willing to give up everything in my life to make that happen" and just kind of state my case.

That would make for an exciting birthday, I think. 

Is there anything you'd like to add that I haven't asked you?

Keep an eye on my social media for things on Twitter and Instagram. I'll always have updates about things going on there.

Twitter: @ToddHaberkorn
Instagram: @official_habergram