Origami Folding a dollar Elephant

Produced by Young Jeohn

Folding this elephant is a fun and interesting little project for the seasoned origamist. If you've never folded origami before, it's going to be REALLY challenging (you've been warned!)

Need more of a challenge? Then take this a step further by folding several elephants to make a parade - with each elephant's trunk holding the previous elephant's tail.

Be sure to use as crisp a dollar bill as possible!

Designer: unknown (if you know the designer's name, let us know!)
Level: Intermediate
Paper: 1 US dollar bill


Young Jeohn

Adding creative flair to Otakus & Geeks with his videos, photos and written musings. Having lived abroad with extensive travel experience from Scandinavian ice castles to the fashionable Harajuku district in Tokyo, he carries knowledge from old-skool anime days and enjoys eating with chopsticks (with expert precision), talking shop with companies large and small and other questionable activities he can't talk about in public. His website lives at http://www.YoungFromNewYork.com