An SSD At A Great Price! Finally!

Produced by Young Jeohn

SSD prices have been going up in the past two years and have cost upwards of $200 for 1TB. But there's finally been a break!

You can find 2 TB Micron SSD drives in SATA form factor that fits 2.5" laptop bays for $300 or less. That's $150 per terabyte!

Granted, this is an OEM drive that's meant for manufacturers, meaning you don't get any extras like brackets, enclosures, screws, etc. Just be aware that the only thing you're getting is the drive, but if you're good with that, it's an extraordinary bargain as of right now (July 2018).

Historically, Micron is a large memory manufacturing company and well respected in the industry. They've been known to partner up on projects with Intel and also sell under their consumer brand, Crucial Technologies.

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