Polaroid Mint - Camera & Wireless Printer (CE Week NY 2018)

Produced by Young Jeohn

At CE Week, Polaroid showed off their newest instant print camera and a wireless printer that prints any photo from your smartphone.

Mint Camera
This Mint is an easy to use 2-in-1 instant print camera. You can select from three color print modes (color/black&white/sepia), an automatic white border like the old Polaroids, and has a selfie mirror and a built in flash. 

It's also got a 10 second timer if you want to get in the picture and uses zinc paper, removing the need for expensive ink cartridges or toners.

Mint Mobile Pocket Printer
Print any picture from your phone! This small, portable "pocket printer" pairs to any smartphone using Bluetooth. Like the Mint camera, it and also does away with ink tanks or toners, instead opting for zinc paper. Their downloadable Mint app gives you many editing choices like filters and layout options. 

Charging takes 45 minutes with up to 40 prints per charge.

More info: www.MeetPolaroid.com
CE Week Technology Show (06/18 @Jacob Javits Center, New York City)


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