What I'm Reading - Ojisan to Neko

Social media may be a disgusting wasteland of  abhorrent opinions and women with obtuse sexual features, but sometimes something wholesome slips through the muck and arrives on my timeline. In this case, it was a manga screenshot that was so cute it warranted immediate and swift action (and by action I mean doing a reverse google image search) finding out the title was Ojisan to Neko.

Mangakalot summarises Ojisan to Neko as “... A straight-laced man named Shougo works as a teacher for an all girls school, and lives with his black cat named Kuroi-san. Then one day, his nephew brings him a tight-lipped servant who doesn't talk. Is this beginning of a curious, and slightly warm life of a man, a cat, and a girl?

Kuroi-san turns out to be the main character and the story is told through his eyes. Kuroi desperately tries to push Shougo and Tsuru to get over the minutia of their budding romance(?). Things like speaking together at dinner and remembering to say goodbye before he leaves. Kuroi-san is ultimately just a cat so his efforts are mostly limited to stealing objects, meowing and getting in the way (you know, cat stuff) but the effort is what counts.


Overall, this manga is very cute and only a couple of chapters, that I could find, have been localised. I would love to see more and would recommend this to any that love shoujo or romance.