Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones with Touch Controls

Produced by Young Jeohn

The Aventho is an on-ear Bluetooth wireless headphone by Beyerdynamic that supports AptX HD. It's got really cool touch controls for raising and lowering volume, selecting next and previous tracks and double tap for play and pause.

The Aventho offers 30+ hours of battery life and charges via a USB-C port. For cable die-hards (or for those who've run out of power), you can connect it with a wire if you want. There is a built-in mic that lets you take phone calls.

Also included is MiMi's MIY app that calibrates the headphones after a 6 minute audiology test. This amazing app determines the frequencies your ears are sensitive to, and makes adjustments maximizing the best audio levels for your ears. This profile is then uploaded and saved in the headphones.

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