Comply Memory Foam Tips - Secure Fit, Great Isolation

Produced by Young Jeohn

Comply manufactures industrial strength earbud foam tips for a secure fit in any ear canal. It expands itself by using your body heat after being inserted.

Spun off from 3M, they offer several types of tips with great sound isolation:

  • Isolation Series - Cone shaped for deep, insertion in the ear. It's their best seller.
  • Comfort Series - Spherical, round shape for less intrusion in the ear.
  • Professional P Series - For musicians and audio engineers with high end In-Ear Monitors (IEM). These offer maximum sound isolation.

There are several core sizes available ranging from 100 to 600, depending on your earbud's diameter. You can find the exact size you need on Comply's website - a quick search on their database will help you find the best fit.

Prices range from $15-$25 for a 3 pair pack.

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