LICK A BUBBLE: Edible Bubbles


Hey O&G Fans, This years New York Toy Fair was amazing! So much to see and experience and so many great toys to bring to you. One stand out for me this year is  a company that produce an edible bubbles solution. As a kid many of us would play with bubbles (and some would try and catch the buubles in our mouth and eat them......... Guilty LOL) but the solution the bubbles were  made of were a bit harmful if you ingested to much of it.

Lick A Bubble is an actually edible bubble solution. Lick A Bubble was invented  by a pediatrician , allergist/immunologist and physician of science. it was created so that children and adults of all ages can experiment with different beverages to generate safe likable bubbles.


Just pour you favorite beverage in the Lick a bubble container with edible bubble solution in it to the designated fill line.Take a look at their youtube page:

After trying it out with a few different flavors, like fruit punch, grape, and Snapple apple, I have to say it was as advertised! Each bubble that came out tasted exactly like the flavor I added to the solution. This definitely a product children and adults will enjoy. 

You can purchase Lick a bubble at Amazon, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Kohls, and other retail stores. You can choose from the 2pk, 4pk or bubble machine. Check them out at


by Sean Tucker