Time Trap Review

By Justin D Williams

Time Trap follows a group of students venture into the deep caves of remote Texas to locate a favorite archaeology professor who inexplicably has gone missing while searching for the Fountain of Youth. In the course of their pursuit, the group unwittingly rappels into a break in the space-time continuum, where time passes much slower than on the surface. With no hope for rescue, they descend further into the cave and uncover the most coveted urban legend in history and find themselves in the crossfire for its control.


Time Trap is a fun, mind bending film with a great concept that I think the younger demographic will definitely enjoy. The story has some really good characters that all get a proper development and a some plot elements that you won’t see coming. What really makes the story work is the relationships between the students who venture out to look for their professor. Each character has something about them that will make you want to learn more about them. However the acting while good in some scenes when it comes to the bonding, figuring things and genuine chemistry is there. However some of the crying scenes or scenes where the characters were suppose to be afraid felt a bit over the top. It didn’t take me out the movie at all but just one scene that felt it should have had another take. That being said you feel that these young adults and teenagers have been friends for a very long time and that bond works well throughout the film..

Directors Mark Dennis and Ben Foster give a good introduction for a debut as directors. For the budget the film was given it was very well shot. I was really impressed with one of the established shots showing the landscapes as the students are driving into the cave. I also thought that the use of camera angles was well done. The film goes from a standard movie film making style to found footage at times. I’m not a huge fan of the found footage style of shooting but for the story purpose it work in the couple of scenes. The entire film takes place in a single location the cave. The cave was shot well and you can see everything. It wasn’t too bright and wasn’t too dark either you can see everything the film has to offer.

Finally it wouldn’t be a Sci-Fi film without talking about some of the elements. What really keeps you watching is the concept of time and the mysteries in this cave. I won’t dwell into spoilers but there is some interesting things and rules established that I would like to see explored if given a sequel. Also questions like where is the professor? Why do people go missing in this particular cave? How does the fountain of youth tie into all of this? For a first time new directors and a young cast this was definitely a surprisingly good time. Check it out.

Final grade B-

aladin Film's Time Trap, which will be releasing on November 2nd theatrically, and November 13th across all digital platforms