Collectible Dolls are a HUGE Thing in Japan

Volks USA was at Toy Fair, and I remember Hideyoshi showing me their Five Star Stories and other action figures, but apparently they go far beyond models of mech. Their other side of business includes a huge line of collectible doll figures (Dollfies) that they’ve been doing for about 10 years or so.

Think of this along the lines of Barbie collectibles, except it’s so much more. For a start, the dolls themselves are really big (approximately an adult’s waist to neck in height.)

If you really just like the models as they are, you can simply pick up your favorite (say, Hatsune Miku) and stop right there. But for you modders, there’s an unreal amount of customization options. You’re not limited to just clothing - oh no, that would be too easy and plain. Because if you’re not happy with your Miku’s blue hair, you’re free to make her a red head or even a blond by picking up a replacement wig.

Then there are legs. What, they’re too thin? Get thicker thighs. Boobs too big (or not big enough)? You can switch them around too.

At AnimeNYC, the good folks at Volks USA were offering pre-sales of 2B and 9S characters from the highly popular game, Nier Automata. These collectibles aren’t cheap, to be sure (prices can range from less than $500 for standard dolls to over $1,000 for certain collectibles). But the precision and craftsmanship are top tier, and you can make whole worlds around them if you’re into giving yourself a challenge.

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