Interview With Composer Austin Wintory

Interview By Justin D Williams

I had the chance to sit down with composer Austin Wintory about his new project A Light In The Void. A Light in the Void: The world’s first concert experience to blend unforgettable scientific stories—told by world-renowned scientists—with stirring orchestral accompaniment and stunning visual narrative. Featuring all-original compositions, this experience of intense wonder and excitement will take you on a journey to learn incredible scientific facts and ignite your senses with the elation of discovery and wonder. The story of science unfolds before you in a special blend of content, music, and visuals, lovingly choreographed to tell a complete story 13.8 billion years in the making. A Light in the Void will renew our vows with all that is greater than ourselves. Austin talks about the process of how the project came about, working with Troy Baker and more.