Ever Oasis (Game Review)



Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, or Rune Factory with a JRPG fighting style that allows players to switch between characters, customize weapons, you know normal stuff, with chibi like animation and characters (with puzzles)? Well, the dish that you are served with is the Nintendo 3DS game Ever Oasis

Story: In the land that you will be experiencing throughout the journey, oasis's are not as sparse as their real-life counterparts. Greenery was all over the desert that is until Chaos stepped in. Chaos spread its evil miasma unto the land and is on its way of engulfing the desert into total darkness. Luckily there is one oasis left, inhabited by the water spirit Esna. Together, you will build an oasis that will fight against Chaos and banish it from the lands once and for all. 

The story is very simple which does not surprise me as much because the core audience is rated E 10+. However, the gameplay is vast and easy to pick up and play.

Gameplay:  The core gameplay of Ever Oasis is exploration. It is an open RPG and so the map that is on the bottom of the screen will be accessible as you unlock levels for the oasis or just by being curious. As you progress more into the game, you will be able to use the inhabitants of your oasis to help with the story quests, side-quests, and with battles as well. You can build shops from the inhabitants called Seedlings and expand your oasis to how you want. You can also level up the shops, change their color, and move them to different parts of the oasis. Certain flowers allow the sales to go up so that you can get more currency.  The combat is not turn based but you can change between two other party numbers as a whim whenever you need to.

Each person who comes to stay at the oasis has special powers which help to gather materials and to make major damage to certain enemies. When you are granted the chance to have a party, you can choose who to bring along. The characters have symbols under their states that tell which creatures they are strong against and also tell the power that they have as well. You'll be able to synthesize and equip weapons, potions, and outfits as well, just like any RPG that is out there. The game also has a day and night cycle like Harvest Moon, and at night the monsters become stronger than in the day. I do not want to give too much away, but the gameplay is pretty manageable and won't be hard to pick up. 

Music: The music is very nice and tranquil when you are in the oasis and has an open world field with an orchestral feel when you travel outside. The music changes on where you travel to within the different areas of the desert which is very nice. When the Darkness comes, the tone and sound of the music shift and it sounds creepier and darker especially when you are in the oasis. It keeps to the theme of what people may think while walking through the desert. The wind instruments are beautiful especially the flute. 

Final Grade: Wait For Sale

The game is still high in price right now (about $34-$37) which is the main reason  I would hold off on it. It is still a very good game, and I am having a blast playing it. If you are someone who loves to manage and collect items in your games this would be for you. Stylistically its cute and colorful. It's also one of those games that can be relaxing when you manage your oasis. Take a look! 

Ever Oasis Rules!!!