Electronics for the Road Warrior - Enblue Technologies

Produced by: Young Jeohn

Great for business travelers, Enblue's light-weight and portable Smartoo "smart desk" attaches to your suitcase so you can comfortably use your laptop and charge your phone/tablet while waiting for your flight. 

Their attractive Evolus product charges all your Apple gear and integrates a kind of height adjustment knob so you don't have to remove your phone's case every time you have to charge.

A prototype product they call the Caluxa is a dimmable smart lamp with integrated sound system, subwoofer - and Alexa voice service with which to control your whole smart-home automation.

Presented at CE Week 2017, New York City
More info: www.us.EnblueTec.com

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link) - http://amzn.to/2vZTtOb