Monster Hunter World - The Hype


The Hunt Returns

Monster Hunter World is an upcoming action adventure game with RPG elements slated to come to come out in early 2018. The difference between the prior Monster Hunter games is it had been predominantly for portable hand held games or Nintendo systems.  Monster Hunter World however does something that hasn't been done since the first game-- It is returning back to the Playstation 4 and welcoming itself to the Xbox One as well, and BOY is it doing it in a big way.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm super excited for this game to come out. As an active hunter who played the Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter Generations, I must say I am going to welcome this change as I enjoy kicking back and playing the game on the big screen. The hype behind it for me is real, and I can give you many reasons as to why I believe this may very well be one of the best Monster Hunter games to ever be released.

First, the aesthetics of the game-- The world itself, is beautiful. All things considered they did a very good job at capturing the original feel of the game and enhancing the quality of the game. The textures seem more robust and the colors are vibrant when needs be. The overhaul on the palette scheme of some of the Monsters seemed to tone down brightness and give them a more realistic flesh tone. And oh, apparently the environment is interactive. 


Now, the graphical overhaul was expected-- All good and well, but what about the gameplay. What makes this Monster Hunter so much more different than the others that have been played. Well, for one thing, remember how I was talking about interactive environments. Well the environment itself is an ecosystem, monsters can and will interact with each other. There are territories and beasts will fight among themselves to lay dominance. There are creatures that will go to hunt down other monsters and you can use it all to your advantage in completing your quest. 

Now I have not played the game personally but I have had friends who managed to get their hands on it, and from what they explained to me I am stoked. The game play is crisp, the monsters aren't easy. The battles will feel like a battle and the best part about it all-- it will feel like you are actually hunting beast and not simply running around the map randomly in hopes you find the thing you are hunting. 


This game, has all of my hype. ALL OF IT.