The Hard Place #1 (Review)

Reviewed By Justin D Williams


After five years in prison, AJ Gurney, a legendary wheelman in Detroit, has decided it’s time to go straight. He returns home to work in his father’s garage and disappear into anonymity. But during a visit to the bank, AJ is recognized by two violent bank robbers, and they demand AJ be their getaway driver. To ensure his compliance, they take a young female hostage; unfortunately, she happens to be the daughter of a Russian crime lord. AJ now finds himself pursued by a bitter police department and hunted by every asset of the Russian mob. Without a doubt, he’s in a very hard place. 

The Hard Place was a pleasant surprise from start to finish. It is a comic book grounded in reality and this could literally be anybody who has taken the wrong side of the law. One thing I like about The Hard Place is the main character AJ Gurney. AJ has just finished serving a five year sentence and is really trying to get his life in order. He feels regret and remorse about his decisions and really wants out of the life. Issue 1 gives enough characterization on AJ for you to actually cheer for him. He is a likable guy who just made some really poor decisions and is trying to own up to them. However the life is a very hard thing to avoid as he is thrown back into by unfortunate circumstances. Issue 1 was an enjoyable read with some great character moments. The art style fits the tone and I like the use of color. One thing that has me waiting for issue 2 is the gangster that AJ owe a debt too. We don't get much of him but the what we do see is he is vicious and wants respect. I'm curious to see where this arc will lead.

Final Grade 4 out 5 Stars.