VR World the Virtual Reality Arcade in NYC

Written by Justin D Williams

I was walking around 34th street and 5th on Friday, August 18th. As I was walking I came across a spot called VR World. Being the curious person that I am I decided to go in and check it out. VR World is a Virtua Realityl Arcade place. Think of the classic arcade places of the 90s and add a bar, VR games and you have one hell of a fun time. VR World offers a one day pass for a modest price of 40 dollars. The great thing about the pass is once you leave you can still come back. The pass is valid until closing time. If you leave at 3 pm and come back before 11 pm closing time you can do so without having to pay again. VR World offers a variety games on two floors, in addition, they offer video VR where you can watch documentaries, films and more. I found the staff and service to be great. These people are really into the machines and give helpful information. Some of the staff are gamers and I had cool conversations with them about the state and future of gaming. Overalll VR World is a must-visit spot in NYC. Check out the videos and pictures below to see more.