A Case As Soft As A Butt - Handl Maximus

The Handl Maximus (a.k.a. the "Butt" case) gives your hand a break from the hard object we call the smart phone. This "anti-phone case" feels infinitely more pleasurable than tapping away at a hard object all day long. 

It's something we look forward to pulling out of our bags or pockets - enjoyment from a sensory feel point of view rather than being a mere utilitarian tool.

Presented at CE Week 2017, New York City
More info: https://handliberation.com


Young Jeohn

Adding creative flair to Otakus & Geeks with his videos, photos and written musings. Having lived abroad with extensive travel experience from Scandinavian ice castles to the fashionable Harajuku district in Tokyo, he carries knowledge from old-skool anime days and enjoys eating with chopsticks (with expert precision), talking shop with companies large and small and other questionable activities he can't talk about in public. His website lives at http://www.YoungFromNewYork.com