Posted By Justin D Williams 

UDON Entertainment is proud to announce the publisher is localizing the manga series INFINI-T FORCE for an English release.

Celebrating the 55th anniversary of legendary Japanese animation studio Tatsunoko Production, the INFINI-T FORCE manga brings together the anime giant’s four most prominent superhero properties - Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (AKA Battle of the Planets), Space Knight TekkamanCasshan, and Hurricane Polimar.  The heroes of these four worlds will face everything from mutant abominations, to criminal gangsters, to mecha-noid alien invaders, in an ongoing action manga series filled with non-stop adventure!

An all-new INFINI-T-FORCE anime series also launches in Fall 2017 in Japan. Tatsunoko Production has announced the world premiere screening of the first episode at Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles!

To coincide with this momentous event, UDON will be offering a LIMITED EDITION version INFINI-T FORCE Volume 1 at Anime Expo.  Limited to 300 copies, this special edition features an intricate cover treatment which includes soft touch lamination, silver foil logos, and an innovative 3D spot gloss!  Fans who purchase this limited edition will also receive one of four randomly selected clear file folders made especially for this promotion by Monthly Comic Magazine HERO's - the original Japanese publisher of INFINI-T FORCE!

Visit UDON Booth #3218 at Anime Expo early before this limited edition flies off the table!  

The standard edition of INFINI-T FORCE Volume 1 will be available in book stores and comic shops September 2017. Volume 2 will follow December 2017 and subsequent volumes in 2018.