Two Sentence Horror Stories: "MA" (Review)

Reviewed by Justin D Williams

Reviewed By Justin D Williams

Like many traditional Chinese families, Mona still lives at home with her stern but loving Ma. When she meets cute Erica, their instant chemistry awakens something dormant inside. But Ma is not going to let her daughter go easily. Because nothing is allowed to come between a mother and daughter.

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a series of shorts in the horror genre from director and screenwriter Vera Miao. The first episode MA is off to a good start. What I really like about the short is the relationship dynamic between Mona and her mother. From the very first shot at the dinner table where Mona and her mother are having dinner. There is something very unsettling about these two characters and the atmosphere in the opening scene. Mona doesn’t feel like eating anymore for dinner and her mother just pushes her food back to her. From that little gesture you can see this relationship is probably not the healthiest. Mona I would describe as an introvert who doesn’t really have a social life or communication skills. Her world is wrapped around a vice versa and this changes for Mona when Erica comes into the picture. The two hit off right away and start talking and bonding with each other. But Mona has a secret that only her and her mother know. That secret is what has Mona’s mother worried and overprotective of her daughter. Mona mother is not really a bad person. Watching this short you see that she does care for her daughter just a different way of showing it. This we acting was good with Wei Yi Lin and Mardy Ma play off each other well. Wei Yi Lin shows a vulnerability in her performance that makes you feel sorry for Mona.

Overall this was a good short with a nice examination on a mother and daughter relationship. Vera Miao did a good job of directing. This is not a jump scare horror short. This is more psychological, realistic horror where situations scare you. The atmosphere in the apartment was spot on with great use of lighting and camera angles. Vera has a good eye for the type of tone and atmosphere that she wants to capture. Good short, great acting and something to check out.