The Silver Guardian - EP 1 & 2 Review

The Silver Guardian now on Crunchyroll 

The Silver Guardian now on Crunchyroll 

Reviewed by Alfred Campbell 

The protagonist, Riku Suigin is a pro-level gamer. The heroine, Riku Rei, knows of this and is the most beautiful girl in school and also loves video games. Suigin receives a device to play a net game called “Grave Buster” from Rei, but Rei is suddenly kidnapped. When Rei puts his hand on the device, he’s sucked into the world of the game. And in that world, a battle between the tomb raiders and tomb protectors for the tomb of the mother goddess Bango’s tomb has been going on for 1000 years. 

It's about that time, Spring 2017 anime began to be released. This time around there is a plethora of new series that have been rolled and I hope to be able to review many of them in the upcoming weeks. However this is going to be something a little different, and I am going to aim to review this series based off of my reactions of their first episodes. This time around I'm going to be giving my reaction and thoughts towards the anime called 'The Silver Guardians' I aim to go into this series blind, so I can only give an review based on what the episode explained to me. Each episode runs at about 12 minutes.

Episode One

I have watched much anime in my life, so I can tell when things take a turn for the usual. This episode sort of gave me that feel, as it begins at a woman's dormitory to a school. There is a woman with pink hair who goes by the name of RIku Rei. She is clearly the heroine of the deal. She seems reminiscent to an individual, who she proclaims it out saving the world to ensure the safety of their own world. Then the screen shifts to our protagonist, Riku Suigin. An enigma of a man who seemed to have a power that was on par to Gilgamesh. Equipped with an arsenal of power and magic he is seen taking on hordes upon hordes of these demonic golems. And it is inferred that this is a common occurrence that he had to deal with daily. Through it all however he says he fights to save the world second, but to protect Riku Rei first. Clearly solidifying that his love for her is a driving force for this man. Then the scene cuts back to a year ago, when he seemed to be a victim of bullying.

I don't want to give to much of the first episode away, but they sped through quite a bit and left out much details. I can only assume this is intentional.

Episode Two

This episode perplexed me when it began, because many things did not seem to make sense in terms of the connection of Riku Rei and Riku Suigin. In the first episode it is shown they didn't really know each other as teenagers, but it starts off as them meeting as children at some point in a strange world. Interesting story telling in the aspect of keeping me in turns of question, how and what direction are they going. Though later on they begin to paint the story and differences of the protagonist Suigen and the heroine Rei.. And starts to paint how their bond had been woven together, and one can only assume through a video game.

First impression

It seems a bit cliché and even basic, a storyline that has been hashed and rehashed over before. However it holds a bit of an interesting aspect to it, and the animation was smooth and crisp. It is something I would be keeping an eye on, but not anything that seems spectacular thus far.