Western Digital's Fastest Storage Drives for your Computer/Tablet/Smartphone

Produced by Young Jeohn

As a video editor and photographer, most of the products on this list would be insanely useful to have in my work arsenal.

My Passport portable SSD
Weighing almost nothing, this USB-C connected external SSD drive enables 515 MB/s transfer rates making it a great option for video and photo editors with huge amounts of data to transfer.

Internal SSDs
WD Blue m.2 form factor
WD Black PCIe form factor (for high performance data intensive uses)

Sandisk USB dual drive
A thumb drive with both USB-C and USB-A connections to back up data from your computer or smart phone.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick
A thumb drive with built-in wi-fi (no need for a wireless router!) You can even stream movies from this, up to 3 devices.

4TB Passport Wireless Pro
A stand alone backup behemoth with its own built in battery (10 hours of use), built-in A/C wi-fi hotspot and built-in SD card reader for ingesting data. Enables access without a separate wireless router and supports Plex Media Server for streaming content to 5 devices simultaneously.

More info: http://www.WD.com

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