Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Review

Reviewed by Alfred Campbell 

I have had the privilege to watch this movie for it's one night premiere at Fathom Events on March 9th 2017. I arrived at the theater in a hurry, and I had just made it in time for the movie. As I got into the theater it was completely packed, without a seat in sight I sat the duration of the movie on the steps out of the way of those who wished to pass by. I have been a mild fan of Sword Art to begin with, so this was exciting see what they produced this time. It was safe to say I was not disappointed by ordinal scale. 

Kirito and the gang had once again gotten themselves had once again gotten themselves involved in a new game trend. Albeit Kirito himself was reluctant, the others were far more gung-ho about the shenanigans that the game would produce. it put a spin on what they normally were used to, as the game was no longer just virtual but augmented. They used their own physical body to move and fight, and based on your own talents would be how you level up and gain new skills and abilities. How can anything go wrong with that? 

Without giving to much information pertaining to the movie, I will say it introduces two new characters. one who is actually familiar with Kirito from the original sword art online game. I will say that this story is not as predictable as one would imagine it to be. The way they spun the tale and weaved in pieces together made it well written to say the least. Even though it still falls into the same category as the prior adventures.

One of the things that stuck out most about this story isn't so much about how they dealt with the issues the game produced, but more so how the reaction towards the effects the game had on the characters. it dug deep on some emotional plights that the characters never seem to focus on and how each individual dealt with PTSD in their own way and how they reacted towards a certain situations.

The action was a flawless as ever and the musical score was well produced and well timed. The manner they went around the emotions of the characters was spot on and even the comedic moments were well placed. Overall this is a good movie for those who are already a fan of the series and a must watch for them. Those who have not watched much of the previous series may be lost, but it isn't to hard to keep up with as well. I'd recommend it as a purchase for fans for sure when the Blu Ray DVD arrives. 

Overall Rating