Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack Review

Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack

4 Disc

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Reviewed by Justin D Williams 

Final Fantasy is one of the most beloved franchises ever in gaming. With the release of Final Fantasy XV last November, fans were not only treated to a stellar game but also an amazing soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura. Gamers will know Shimomura work from such games as Street Fighter II, Kingdom Hearts Series Xenoblade Chronicles just to name a few. Yoko Shimomura enters the Final Fantasy world with Final Fantasy XV. I'm happy to say that Shimomura versatile composition is worthy of the Final Fantasy name. 

The album is a 4 disc set with a total of 90 songs. The music is a mixture of various styles and genres from folk, jazz, rock and classical. Each theme invokes an emotion that captures a moment in the game fluently. Final Fantasy is a series not just beloved for its story and characters. The music of the franchise is one of the most recognizable in the world. Yoko Shimomura doesn't attempt to fill the shoes of veteran Nobuo Uematsu. Instead she creates and leave her own mark with this album.  From the opening song in disc 1 "Somus" (Instrumental Version) to the ending song Main Theme of Final Fantasy on disc 4 listeners will get a cinematic feel from start to finish. 

One thing I really love about the production of this album is it doesn't feel like a video game soundtrack at some points. Songs like Sorrow Without Solace, Apocalypsis Noctis, Somus, Cartanica just to name a few hit all the right notes to take you into the world of Final Fantasy XV. These songs have a very cinematic feel to it and they scream a different type of emotion from you. Fans of Shimomura will very pleased  with the album as she brings a similar sound from Kingdom Hearts to Final Fantasy. An great example will be the track "Veiled in Black." This song has the signature use of strings, piano and heart pumping percussion's in a full on theme of action. While I did enjoy most of the album. Some songs just didn't do it for me due to the tempo and kind of slow tone. Songs like What a Hoot, Blues de Chocobo and Lestallum I wasn't playing twice. That doesn't mean the track was awful by any means, personally the tracks just didn't resonate with me.

There are five tracks that I will way are must listen too tracks. "Somnus" is a very dark, haunting track with a beautiful use of strings and vocals that sets the tone for the intensity and sadness of the game. "In The Light of the Crystal" is an smooth but energy pumping track. It's use of the drums is spot on as I felt the tone of mystery listening to this song. "Veiled in Black" is the signature Yoko Shimomura track as stated above. Fans of Kingdom Hearts will dig this song as she hits you with an intense action theme that you can't help but feel. "APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS" is the definitive action track. On this song Yoko Shimomura pulls out all the stops with a full choir,  intense horns, strings, drums and piano that really stands out from the other action themes on this album.  Finally "Sorrow without Solace" is one of the most emotional tracks on the album. The use of strings and piano elegantly come to together to paint a hurtful picture of lost and despair. This is one of the most strongest tracks on the entire album and it will definitely put you in the mood.

Final Rating 4.5/5 Stars: Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack is not only a worthy addition to the franchise music lore. I dare say it's in my top five of Final Fantasy soundtracks with 7 being number 1. Yoko Shimomura brings her style to the franchise and it fits well like a glove. This soundtrack is filled with a emotion from joy, sadness, anger and even forgiveness. It's a videogame soundtrack but it has a cinematic feel too it. This is one soundtrack that needs to be in your collection. 



Performed by Video Game Orchestra & Força Choir

CD 1

1             Somnus (Instrumental Version)

2             Departure

3             Broken Down

4             Hammerhead

5             Wanderlust

6             Encroaching Fear

7             Stand Your Ground

8             Relax and Reflect

9             Day's End Fanfare

10           Horizon

11           Safe Haven

12           Lurking Danger

13           Hunt or Be Hunted

14           CINDY

15           Urban Chrome

16           A Quick Pit Stop

17           Love Lost

18           Galdin Quay

19           ARDYN

20           The Aggressors

21           Nox Aeterna

22           The Hunters

23           What Lies Within

24           Daemons

25           Bros on the Road

26           Fantastica!



CD 2

1             The Niflheim Empire

2             Veiled in Black

3             Valse di Fantastica

4             Crystalline Chill

5             What a Hoot

6             Blues de Chocobo

7             Reel Rumble

8             The Fight Is On!

9             Lestallum

10           Welcome to the Leville

11           Unsettling Aura

12           Don't Panic!

13           Apocalypsis Noctis

14           Cosmogony

15           Melancholia

16           A Premonition

17           Nox Divina

18           Labyrinthine

19           Flying R

20           Imperial Infiltration

21           Veiled in Black (Arrangement)

22           Invidia

23           Sorrow Without Solace

CD 3

1             Sunset Waltz

2             Disquiet

3             OMNIS LACRIMA

4             Rodeo de Chocobo

5             Listen Up

6             Creeping Shadows

7             Impending Peril

8             Up for the Challenge

9             Cape Caem

10           Cape Caem - Our New Home

11           Cape Caem - Hidden Harbor

12           Bros on the Road II

13           Noctis

14           Over the Waves

15           Altissia

16           Altissia - Gondola Ride

17           Welcome to the Royal Suite

18           Starlit Waltz

19           Prayer de LUNA

20           No Time Left

21           Song of the Stars

22           The Hydraean's Wrath

23           Ardyn II

24           Luna



CD 4

1             Broken Bonds

2             Dining Car

3             Cartanica

4             Relax and Reflect - Pensive

5             Careening Into Danger

6             Tenebrae

7             Horrors of the Night

8             End of the Road

9             An Empire in Ruins

10           RAVUS AETERNA

11           In the Light of the Crystal

12           A World Unwaking

13           Neverending Nightmare

14           Homecoming

15           Hammerhead - The Last Bastion

16           Somnus

17           Hellfire

18           Magna Insomnia

19           Dawn

20           Somnus Ultima

21           Dewdrops at Dawn

22           Main Theme from FINAL FANTASY