Uninspired: The Webseries Season 1 & 2 Review

Reviewed by Justin D Williams

Sarah is having problems coping with her inescapable adulthood. When she is laid off from her dead end job, she seeks comfort from her often high live in boyfriend. When making her nightly trip to the wine store, she meets a strapping dude who invites her to his band's show. Against her better judgment she attempts to go to the show but instead meets a college gal on the street and traipses around the city like a dumb kid.

Story- Uninspired is a web series that has me hooked. From the very episode I was immersed with Sarah’s situation. This is a situation anyone can be in and Uninspired looks at it with a realistic but comedic lens. One of the strongest aspects of the show is the setting of New York City. Becky Yamamoto and her staff bring the realism and an accurate picture of New York life. From random encounters from New Yorkers that Sarah deals with to how some job interviews actual go for her. Uninspired successfully captures the heart and reality of what a life of New Yorker might be. The story does well considering its run time usually of 5 to 8 minutes per episode. Each story focuses on a key situation or moment that Sarah is going through and how she deals with it. Uninspired season 1 deals with the issues of Sarah losing her job and her relationship with her boyfriend.  The way Sarah deals with her situations is most likely the reason of the title Uninspired. Sarah isn’t really motivated, she is at this part in her life where you have to grow up but yet she is either avoiding it or taking baby steps towards her growth. Watching her reactions and her way of dealing with her problems I think many people can relate. The people in her life are not the greatest examples of people you want to look up for inspiration. Her boyfriend is just as Uninspired as or even more than she is. I still question why Sarah stays with this guy all he does his play videogames and doesn’t seem comforting when she needs him. As Season 1 moves to Season 2 we do see a little bit more growth in Sarah. However the situations and awkward encounters is really much more hilarious. Without any spoilers episode 1 of Season 2 kicks off with Sarah staying with her sister and her in law. Let’s just say she goes through something nobody should experience. If I were to compare both seasons of Uninspired, season 1 laid the ground work of introducing Sarah and her world. Season 2 expands on it giving her more depth in characterization and really getting to know her identity. The series a fun viewing with some oh my God moments that will keep you watching and at the same time it does have moments of serious situations.

Acting – Uninspired has a good cast and I enjoy watching the interactions with all the characters. Becky Yamamoto is a great lead and really embodies Sarah very well. Her reactions to certain scenes comes off very genuine which help really become more invested in her. The chemistry with the actors is spot on and there is one scene in season1 that had me going wow. It’s the scene when Sarah is at a party and two guys are talking to her. Becky reaction and facial expressions says it all.

Directing – As stated earlier one of the great things I like about Uninspired is its approach to New York. The show is on a smaller scale compare to big budget shows in New York. However with that smaller scale it feels much more intimate and personal as well see things through Sarah’s eyes. I like personally like when things are smaller scale than larger because we really have to focus on the characters more than establish shots. The spirit of NYC is alive and well from the look, locations chosen and the way it’s shot.

Final Grade 4/5 Stars: Uninspired is a webseries that you should check out. It has some good laughs, good acting and has a touch of realism. Sarah is a character that is quirky, off beat and you can’t help but love her. Season 1 laid the ground work and season 2 is making her journey much crazier but giving her a progression in character development. There is a stellar supporting cast and with new characters in season 2 it’s giving Sarah much more to experience this time around. Check this show out at www.uninspiredthewebseries.com