Audio: Japanese Tea, The Right Way

Produced By Young Jeohn
Event: Anime NYC 2017

Rob and Darrell are passionate proponents of Japanese tea, and give talks about its history, process and tips on how to properly brew teas for best flavor. Not all of them brew the same, and while dumping boiling water might work for Lipton's black tea, it's no way to treat a flavorful, complex Japanese tea like high grade Sencha (for example).

This is a follow up to the panel article from Anime NYC 2017 with permission from the speakers to post an audio version of their presentation. You can tell they really want to spread the word and understanding of Japanese tea to the world.

The presentation covers the following:

00:00  Intro
02:15   Where tea comes from, how they're made
06:30  So why green tea
08:50  Oxidation sucks
09:20  Categories of green tea, how they're processed
21:45   The curiousity that is matcha

23:58   How to properly brew green tea
25:40   Don't use hard water
26:35   *** Water temperature and length of brew ***
31:05   TOP TIP - How to get the temperature right

34:05  Kyusu (Japanese teapots)
36:25  Cold brew and dessert tea
37:31   Ceremony matcha preparation
41:05   Ready-to-drink teas
43:06  Tea shops / Where to buy

47:00  About the panelists