Aladdin Actor Reveals "Genie" Was Supposed To Be Green in 25th Anniversary Re-Watch


Posted by Ashley Williams 

In celebration of Aladdin’s 25th anniversary over the weekend, Oh My Disney today released a special episode of “Watch A Disney Movie With.. Jafar,” in which Jonathan Freeman, the voice actor who played Jafar, reveals that Robin Williams’ “Genie” was supposed to be green, that Gilbert Godfried’s parrot “Iago” had a much smaller part in the original iteration of the iconic duo, and other secrets from the sound booth.

The digital series invites fans to rewatch iconic Disney movies with the beloved film stars. 

in the quick-witted Broadway star backstage in New York City, as he unwinds common misconceptions, drastic changes and character edits from the film that changed the landscape of motion picture animation forever, including:

  • Animation Changes — Sometimes occurring on-the-spot, Freeman discusses what it was like working with legendary directors Ron Clements and John Musker, including a change of Genie’s skin from green to blue.

  • Finding Jafar’s Voice — Jafar’s sinister laugh was inspired by the voice actor’s first-look drawings of the villain’s “cruel beauty.”

  • Voice Tricks — How animators encouraged Freeman to “physicalize” his character in the sound booth using a cane and rag.

  • A Broadway Success — The moment in Aladdin on Broadway that took Freeman’s breath away on opening night.