Anime NYC Coverage: Tokyo Attack! Japanese Arcade

By Alfred Campbell

There was plenty to do at Anime NYC such as Artist Alley, visiting the amazing vendors or going to panels. However one of the most crowded areas and the most fun was the Tokyo Attack Japanese Arcade section. The arcade section had various games to play. Most of the games were for those who love the rhythm music games but there was a variety. The games featured at Anime NYC goes as follows:

  • BeatStream
  • DanceDanceRevolution
  • DanceEvolution ARCADE
  • Future TomTom
  • Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX
  • Street Fighter V
  • Super Table Flip!
  • Taiko no Tatsujin
  • Jubeat 8
  • Beatmania IIDX
  • Tekken 7
  • Silent Scope: Bone Eater
Alfred Campbell (Me) playing Silent Scope: Bone Eater

Alfred Campbell (Me) playing Silent Scope: Bone Eater

Out of all the games at the arcade Silent Scope: Bone Eater I had the most fun with. This sniper simulator is CHALLENGING! It took a while to adjust to the position of the chair and looking through the scope while aiming. The graphics is impressive but nothing really to scream to the hills for. It has the typical arcade shooter graphics that we have all come to expect. The game believe it or not features two modes a full-fledged story mode and a mode where you have to hit certain targets in an amount of time. I played the second mode and I find it to pretty addictive. Once I got use to holding the gun and looking through the scope and the position of the targets it became a blast. One by one my enemies went down but time wasn't on my side. Overall this game is fun and challenging and gives you an autehnic feel of what it;s like to shoot out of a sniper. Check out Melissa and I gameplay footage below.

There were two more standout games that we checked out. The first game was the music rhythm game Jubeat 8. This game is one of Melissa's favorite as I was told. The idea of the game is to touch the corresponding buttons when prompted in the particular order when the buttons light up. Watching the footage Justin sent over to me I can tell this is one of the most challenging games they encountered at the con. The footage below is Justin playing on the hardest the level and Melissa cruising through her level. The gameplay is definitely where it's the strongest point is. The presentation is good with nice use of colorful graphics but as you can see from the video the main focus is the buttons. 

Finally, while we're in line for to play Silent Scope: Bone Eater. The game next to it really caught our attention. The game that caught the team's eye was Beatmania IIDX. The players we watched played were impressive. Not only do you have to touch the corresponding buttons but you also have spin like a real DJ. This was the game we all agreed that we're not going to try. As you can hear me say in the video below my man was going in.

Overall Anime NYC: Tokyo Attack! Japanese Arcade was fun as hell. If there is any constructive criticism I can make is that this needs to have it's own room or location for year 2. To put the arcade in the main hall right next to vendors caused a lot of traffic. I will also like to see a variety of games the selection was music based heavy. Maybe some more shooters, mech related arcade games would be nice. However, with that said for a rookie year the game section gets a solid B+.

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