Fall Anime 2017: Recovery of an MMO Junkie


This anime is an interesting take on how small the world really is and how coincidences can occur in ways you never really can imagine them. The anime premiered October 6th, 2017 and is currently on going. It is one of those romantic comedies with a pinch of drama here and there, but generally speaking the mood of it is light hearted as it is heart warming.

 The story itself takes place about the life of Morioka Moriko, a 30 year old NEET who quit her job and opted to stay home and become a shut in. As she shut herself in she found herself browsing the internet to discover a new MMO that was reminiscent to one she played prior. Thus she took the dive and decided to create a character, and reluctantly she decided to make a guy character (contrary to her being a woman in reality) named Hayashi and joined the game. At first she joins the game and believes it may be easy, but as it turns out there was quite the steep learning curve and she was ultimately beaten time and time again by a boss.

It was then that Hayashi was confronted by a lovely looking character by the name of Lily. Lily at this point would take the time to help train with Hayashi, and begin to teach him the basics of the game. All was well and eventually he even defeated the monster boss he kept dying to with the assistance of Lily-- it was these actions that made the two become friends and they grew a connection to each other online. Often playing together and trying to improve with each other.

On the flip-side, one day Morioka was on a store run and ended up in an awkward confrontation with an rather attractive male. They both happened to have their eye on a piece of chicken and both being hungry, they ordered it at the same time-- and that lead to quite an interesting display of "No you can have it." To which eventually, Morioka would indulge and accept it reluctantly and embarrassed. She hurried back home to the MMO. . But that would not be the last time she would bump into this man, that is for sure.

Now, I am not a fan of spoiling plots therefore I won't. The series is still on going but for one thing it is one of those laid back sweet and satisfying anime that I recommend you watch if you want to just have a general feel good emotion for it. There are a few things that are displayed about the struggles of introverted individuals and people who over analyze and think, and tackle it in a tasteful and casual manner that one wouldn't even think to hard on it. It's a sweet and fresh take on an anime genre and does a nice job in balancing both the in game and in real life interaction.