New! Jaybird's Run, Freedom 2 and the X3 Wireless Earbuds

Produced by: Young Jeohn

Jaybirds newest line of wireless earbuds include the new Run, which is fully wireless on Bluetooth and operates for 4 hours per charge. The case itself can charge the earbuds two times for a total of 12 hours, and just because you have two buds doesn't mean you have to use both at the same time.

The Freedom 2 has built-in cable management for quick cinching or releasing without a mess. It's water and sweat resistant and has a charging dock to plug in a battery for an additional 4 hours of use.

The X3 is a classic, is still popular, and comes with (I didn't know this...) Comply foam tips! I recently found out about this company and how they manufacture various grades of foam tips for all kind of earbuds - mostly expensive ones.

- Presented at Pepcom Technology Event 2017, New York City

More info:

Check prices (Amazon affiliate link): - Jaybird X3 (with Comply foam tips) - Jaybird Freedom 2 (built in cable mgmt) - Jaybird Run (fully wireless)



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