How Are BB&S LED Lights So Much Brighter and Softer?

Produced by: Young Jeohn

BB&S are a Scandinavian lighting company that uses remote phosphor LED filtering system to offer a brighter, softer light than any of the competition. Their products have been used by the film and tv industries for lighting projects like Independence Day 2 and Saturday Night Live.

Watch the video as they give us a demo of how this technology works and see it in action. It's hard to believe that something this small can give out such a bright and soft light (for its size).

BB&S products shown in the video are:

  • Area 48
  • Pipeline Series
  • Pipeline Banks
  • The Flyer
  • Force-7

From my understanding, how they manage to get their LED's so bright is to not coat the LEDs with phosphors during manufacturing, and instead, use the phospher panels as the "coating". This allows the panel to do double duty as the 1. coating and 2. softbox. Since adding a softbox takes away a stop or more, the extra light is gained from not having to add one (or a color gel, which also takes away brightness.)

Another added bonus is the even spread of light courtesy of the phosphor panel - no more dots from separate LED's, giving off multiple shadows. Add to that the accurate color given off by each panel (list of colors available in the video) and you have an extremely high TLCI (TV Lighting Consistency Index) of 98.

Everything is made in Copenhagen, Denmark and come with a 3 year warranty.
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