FaceRig Releases Fun Halloween Avatars and Multiuser Tech

Posted by Justin D Williams


The digital avatar software, FaceRig, announced an unprecedented update today October 25, 2017 for all users. The update enables a room full of participants to use FaceRig together. Users have requested this feature since FaceRig successfully funded its launch through IndieGogo. FaceRig owner Dragos Florin says, "We love the fun over 3 million people are having with FaceRig and all of that fun starts the first time a user sees their action mirrored by an Avatar. We think that allowing people to experience FaceRig together in a local multiplayer setting will add a new level of fun."

A room full of people can come to life as any character from FaceRig's 70+ characters, available for view on the company website. Four users can FaceRig simultaneously and users can broadcast the whole scene through any program which uses webcam input, including Omegle, Discord, Skype, and Twitch. Multiavatar technology will be available in the beta branch for now, as the feature is still under testing. Users can enable beta features on the Steam version of FaceRig through the properties window in the Steam software options. 

The update also makes available six scary and fun Halloween skins for current avatars: Fluffo, Theodor, Alya, Jane, Sir Pecks-a-Lot, and Prince Edward. All avatars who received new skins will have the "New" sign on their icon in the Gallery. Instructions for FaceRig users on creating and importing custom avatars are available in the FaceRig Manual, accessible by clicking here.